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Bob installs water heaters throughout King County.

New Years Special! ****Extended!****

From now until Feb 8, 2019

Rheem 50-Gallon Professional Classic Series

Electric Water Heater $995 + tax

Natural Gas Water Heater $1295 + tax

(Earthquake Straps and New Expansion Tank additional $195)



Complete Installation

All Necessary Supply Lines

Removal of Existing Water Heater

Complete Testing of New System


It's very important that you know two things about us:

1. Big Hardware stores carry a different version of Rheem water heaters that are made for that company. Our Rheem Professional Classic Water Heater has been proven to carry quality parts.

2. AAA Water Heaters not only offers the full Rheem Manufacturers Warranty, but we also take care of parts and labor for the full 6 years. Many competitors will charge labor for coming back to take care of what they installed. We believe in our product and it should last at least twice as long as the warranty.



When the day started, things looked grim. The hot water tank was incontinent. The puddle oozed under the gas heater.
It also soaked the hallway rug and crumble-foam under-pad, which should have been ripped out two decades ago.
Called Bob. He asked for a photo of the tank, so he could match specs, and said he'd be here in 1-to-2 hours. He arrived in exactly 1-1/2 hours.
He encouraged me to watch while he worked, and we talked a lot. I made lots of jokes.
In less than two hours, the new tank was ready to rock and roll, or, in this case, the hot water doth pour forth from the faucets, with not even a single drop on the floor.
Bob's service was exemplary. The price was very fair. And the fact that he laughed at all my jokes -- Priceless.

-Demian 1/12/2019

I have to say that I was a little leery about seeing so many five-star ratings for AAA Water Heaters, but after Bob replaced my water heater a few weeks ago, I have to give him five-stars as well.  I realized my water heater was leaking on a Sunday night so I contacted Bob through his website on Monday morning, after sending him some photos to make sure he got the correct replacement, he gave me a quote, and was there that afternoon.  Bob came on time, was very friendly, and explained the process.  He was very knowledgable, informative, and professional.  Highly recommend.

-Todd Y.  7/25/2018


Bob is the guy! He is so honest and trustworthy. After having the cold shower for 2 days, I called AAA for help. Bob gave me the quote up front, with detailed breakdowns. I needed a shorter water heater Bob didn't carry in his truck, so he made sure he would get that one for me from the provider, the day after I got my water heater installed.
Besides installing the new water heater, Bob also spent time with me explaining the use of each part of it. He made sure the new heater was functioning well and made it clear he was only one call away if anything went wrong.
Bob also offered and helped me carry a huge heavy furniture I had in the garage to my living room. Bob is just too nice. I can't thank him enough. So glad business like AAA and owners like Bob are around.
Overall, great guy, great price and such a great experience!

-Cici S. 7/24/2018


I had made an appointment with another company to fix my water heater and they scheduled me 9 days out. 9 days without hot water! No thanks! I tried AAA Water Heaters and Bob called me right away. He came out the next day and replaced my water heater. I hope I never have problems with my water heater again but if I do, I'll gladly call AAA and ask for Bob.

-Mario M.  4/6/2018